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How to Alleviate Geographic Tongue Naturally

Geographic tongue, which is also called migratory glossitis, is a benign medical condition concerning the surface area of the tongue. The name of geographic tongue has come from the formation of map-like patches on the surface of the tongue. The patches or lesions after healing normally keep showing up on the other parts of the tongue. Geographic tongue is not a serious health problem, however the condition itself has caused uncomfortable feelings and distress. Normally, some articles provides with natural remedies such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or so on. However in this article, besides using these methods, we provide you with special tips to totally alleviate geographic tongue naturally from the inside of the body for you to forever say good bye with the annoying matter.
1. Reduce Your Stress Levels
When mentioning of stress, it is always easier said than done. However, all of us can not underestimate the power of stress level reduction and relaxation as well as the positive  effect it has on the body’s immune system and the ability to fight against all the reasons for diseases and health problems including geographic tongue.
Stress can be mental, physical, spiritual and even emotional. We are all special and different so it is need to invest your time to find out what techniques are best suitable for you to de-stress, and keep practicing the found techniques. Meditation is an especially effective relaxation method and can be self-learned. Besides, my suggestions for you are yoga, deep breathing, listening to gentle music and spend time for yourself. Hope you find these mentioned methods useful.
2. Intake the Right Vitamins Together with Minerals Naturally
Most of people are not aware of being deficient in some kinds of essential vitamins or minerals. In addition, our busy lifestyle makes our diet be simply and convenient which may leads to the lack of both vitamins and minerals. How is your diet recently? Does it contain healthy and nutritious foods? If in case it does not, you may need to watch your diet and provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Geographic Tongue is normally a sign that we are in lack of essential vitamins and minerals. It always better if we apply natural method. It is not an exception to increase the supplement of both minerals and vitamins to the body. Make sure that you consume healthy foods regularly including fresh fruits and vegetables, organic foods, seafood, many kinds of beans and peas and so on.
3. Absorb the Right Vitamins and Minerals
This method is just in case you have already been scoffing all the minerals and vitamins you can afford but still not getting wanted results? In this case it is not only important to know which kind of vitamins and minerals your body needs, but also to check whether your body can absorb them or not. Normally there are telltale signs telling that your body is struggling to absorb these vitamins and mineral. What you can do to correct this fault? At first make sure that your digestive system working effectively and correctly, and then keep consuming the nutrients your body needs. If needed, you can ask for professional advices to take vitamins and minerals supplement.
4. Keep Hydrated
We have known well that water is so essential to the body. In order to keep the body free from many kinds of diseases and health problems including geography tongue, make sure that it is kept hydrated.  It is quite simple for us to make it happen by drink a lot of plain water or increase the fluid intake. However, it will be better if you focus on consuming healthy drinking and avoid sugary drinks as well as alcohol and cut down on coffee and tea. It is because these beverages will lead you to lose fluid rather than keep your body hydrated.
5. Detoxify and Cleanse Your Colon
Follow the first four methods above, and you are already be very near on your way to achieving the goal of be away from geographic tongue. To be healthy and nearer to our goal, we need to develop a routine of detoxifying, particularly the colon. The most basic and simple detoxifying method is only consume fluid such as fresh fruit and vegetable juice, soups with taking a plenty of drinking water in a whole day. You can get start with this basic method for beginners and move to the next level of detoxifying when your body get improved.
6. Maintain Great Oral Hygiene
There are specific toothpastes and tools that you can use to keep your tongue scrupulously clean so easily. They will keep your tongue being free from bacteria as well as yeast. Together with taking care of the digestive system and consuming healthy foods, maintaining high levels of oral hygiene will allow the geographic tongue to heal naturally.
We hope these mentioned recommendations keep you free from geographic tongue as well as keep your whole body healthy.

Author Bio:
This article is written by Jenny Heth – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies.
With the Bachelor Degree in Human Nutrition from Latrobe University, Jenny has successfully landed her first apprenticeship in the Nutrition Society of Australia
Moreover, she is an ambitious lady as she has enrolled into the Master Degree of Food Science from the University of Melbourne.
Her career in the Health and Nutrition is brighter than ever, not to mention that she is so passionate with healthy diet and nutrient, it is no doubt that she will become a fine dietitian and nutritionist.

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