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Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane for Us?

You might have heard about the wild statements that are being thrown around the Artificial Intelligence every now and then. Basically the concept of AI is that the computer systems will perform the task, which otherwise would require human. Right from speech recognition to translating content into different languages, AI can be relied upon for almost everything, even decision making. And, the Artificial intelligence customer support is also incredibly good, making work easier and better for us.
So, in short, anything that involves a program to do something, which otherwise would have been done by the intelligence of a human is known as AI.
Artificial Intelligence: Just a New Tool

AI is just a tool, a new way to do things. But don’t believe it to be the replacement of the human intelligence. We can’t compare it to the brainpower of any human because it was only the human brain that developed artificial intelligence. In short, AI is nothing more than a new tool that is enhancing our jobs and not replacing it.

So, is it a Boon or Bane to us?
Well, for that we need to understand what advantaged and disadvantages are it serving to us and our society. Let’s begin with understanding how it is profitable to us and how can it hurt us.

Why is AI good for us?

Handling Mundane Tasks

One of the biggest advantages of using the artificial intelligence is its potential to deal with the mundane tasks so easily. It is through the increased productivity and intricate automation that one can easily perform such tasks. What better than sparing humans some time to invest their energy and in some creative tasks rather than doing the boring jobs?

Better & Quicker Decision
Cognitive technologies along with artificial intelligence help in making faster decisions. And, faster the decisions, faster would be the actions, making all the tasks perform better and faster.

Error free Work
Humans make mistake and nothing can change this reality. On the other hand, machines are believed to be making lesser mistakes. The reason is obvious that the machines are programmed and we humans are not. So, of course, AI is advantageous to us for the reasons that it will hardly make any mistake.

Boost the Technological Growth
It has even contributed to the growth of technology by opening doors into new and advances technological world. Due to their ability to produce billions and millions of computer modeling programs with the highest of the accuracy, chances are we are going to progress like never before. Basically, it is serving the purpose of catalyst for further scientific and technological discovery, which is why we should use it to promote our technology.

What makes it bad for us?
Undoubtedly, this level of technology is good for us and our business. But, what if it goes into wrong hands? Can it cause mass destruction or something like that? Well, the human brain can do anything, you know. So, it depends on us how we make use of AI.

Over Reliance
Well, this is the bitter truth of the society that almost everyone is dependent on the machines. What if we simply shut them down and rely on human power for the work? Would the things be like it is with the machines? Perhaps, no! But, over-reliance on machines can also be harmful to us. So, we believe that it wouldn’t be too smart if we over rely on the technology chat customer service, or completely on machines for our growth.
Keeping all the pros and cons in mind, we can conclude that the reliance on the AI is good, as it is bringing so many advantages to us and our society. But, there should be dependency on such machines should be to a certain limit. Also, it shouldn’t be used in a wrong way that can hurt the world or humans.


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