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Email Marketing

This evergreen concept of marketing has been brought to us by the age of internet almost more than couple of decades ago. It is in nature a bi-directional relationship between the two parties involved i.e. sender and receiver, play a vital role in the shared content as well as its frequency.

According to a research conducted by Radicati Group in February 2017, estimated number of email users worldwide was 3.7 billion, and the amount of emails sent per day in the year 2017 to be around 269 billion.


This form of marketing, if carried out correctly and smartly can create a great way to reach new audiences and potential customers online. In all actuality, this marketing concept continues to be of the prime medium used even today for the sake of promoting online businesses. A lot of online businesses used this traditional mailing list in order to reach out to both the existing and the potential clients. Campaign for new offers of existing products or new products all together can be very efficiently carried through Email marketing.

How to make it more effective?

  • Subject Line

Email Marketing

 A very crucial part of email is its subject line. An effective subject line should be short in length but at the same time enough and right words used to be used to make it compelling. It is believed that the subject line should not be of more than 30 words. It is vital to use eye catching words in subject line rather than the routine tone of official emails. The choice of words should be descriptive enough to convey the value to the reader.

  • Create Urgency

urgency for the reader.
Email used for marketing should create a sense of urgency for the reader. This can be done by making the offer for the product a time bound one. It is part of human psyche to react swift for such products whose quantity is very limited.

  • Call To Action
    The statement of call to action in email marketing defines if that particular recipient is going to act. It is commonly referred to as a CTA. A call to action targets to persuade a visitor to perform a certain act immediately. “Register Now!!” and “Buy Now!!” are some common examples of call to action.

Keepit suitable
Positioning and designing of CTA is crucial. Contrasting colors used to be used so that CTA stands out in comparison to the rest of the page. The idea is to catch the viewer eye and grab the attention.

Body of email and usage of links
Taking the time to communicate with clarity and precision is time well spent. A complete and grammatically sound sentence is crucial for the transfer of message in its true tone and essence. Long and waffling emails are a massive turn off for anyone reading it. Even if the recipient opens the email, a page-long note may most likely drift away the reader and will bore them out. It is important to keep the message as short and succinct as possible, and deliver information in a digestible way.
Good email marketers can use links to coagulate their online reputation. Links can serve a good purpose if one has an opt-in list and customer clicks on it, it indicates to email service providers the recipient is interested in what the email is intended for. More relevant links you can attach more credibility it creates.

  • Layout and Closing
    Layout of an email is just as important as the subject line and content. A topsy-turvy kind of a layout will confuse the recipient and consequently will turn them off. On the other hand a layout with extremely bright colors and too much space will bore them up to an extent where the viewer may not buy what the email is advertising. There needs to be a proper a discipline with respect to the image being used. More the email is loaded with images, more time it takes to load.
    It is vital to close the email in a professional manner, it means including a closing and an email signature along with your contact information. It is better to avoid any unprofessional closing words like “See ya later”, “cheers”, “XOXO” or any other informal messages. It is advisable to use digital signatures.




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