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Five Apps Every Drone User Should Know About

Since the explosion of drone markets around the globe, many web and app developers are coming forward with helpful apps for drone users. These are quite versatile in their nature, and most provide a comprehensive guide and tutorial section for new users. You can find out relevant statistics about your drone in those apps, along with detailed flight schedules and location details. Some of the best drone apps are mentioned below for you to check them out:

1. UAV Forecast

If you are looking for a free mobile app that offers paramount features, then UAV Forecast is the perfect option for you. The free version of this app allows you to track different weather patterns so that you can schedule your flights in a better fashion. Various details such as cloud cover, visibility range and local chances of rain are included in it. In addition to that, there is also a professional version of it consists of additional attributes such as your KP index to measure GPS interference. Both iOS and Android users use this app.

2. Hover

This is yet another comprehensive free app that relays all the important information back to the user via their smartphone. Along with multiple weather details such as temperature, humidity, etc. it also features a No-Fly Zone map which shows no-fly zones in your local area. The most attractive thing about this app is the fact that it allows the user to store various flight related information on their smart phone, thus creating a digital flight log. The map data is much more extensive and detailed, and this app allows comprehensive news feed, containing information about drones. It is also available for both Android and iOS users.

3. Flight Trader 24

If you are into effective flight tracking apps, the Flight Trader 24 is definitely the best bet for you. This app allows sorting flight information in your nearby area, and this list of best drones will help you to define a better flight pattern over time. It also provides relevant information about your current flight pattern, such as weather information, altitude levels, temperatures and battery levels. This is a paid app which costs $3.99 USD for both iOS and Android users, but there is a “lite version” available for free.

4. AirMap

Have you ever been to flying drones and suddenly you require the local airport’s contact information to check flight schedules? Well, we have all been there. The Air Map app allows us

to negate that ordeal in its entirety. It provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the flight schedules around you. In addition to that, it also contains detailed information about your nearest airport so that you can easily contact them mid-flight. It also allows users to filter through different flying restrictions around them. This app is only available for iOS users.


One problem that most new drone pilots face is capturing aerial images using their drone camera. Well, for most entry-level drones in the market, the camera and imaging technology is not amazing. Instead, what happens most of the time in budget drones is that the images obtained are distorted and blurry. If you want to avoid this, then SKRWT is the safest bet for you. It is a perfect image maker for your drone captured images. It allows distortion correction on both the horizontal and vertical axis, and additional customization options for various cameras. Both iOS and Android users can purchase this app for $1.99 USD.

These applications are performing quite well in this expanding market of drones and hovercrafts. They have a huge compatibility range and most smart phone apps do not even require additional sensory metrics to track your drones. They simply use the sensors located in your smart phone to do the job for you in an effortless fashion. Thus, you do not need to invest a lot in your hobby of drone flying. Rather simply use your smart phone device to monitor your flights. Have fun while you are at it!

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