Five Twists on Familiar Products you Might Want to Try

Food Candy

People love to have options. Trying new things is actually something that benefits your mood among other things. You should always be hungry for new experiences. The following are five alternative to familiar products that you might just want to try.

  1. Food Candy

Everyone loves candy, which makes sense. That delicious bite or lick into a sweet and savory piece of candy is irresistible at times, which makes the hunt for good candy a necessary one. Now, those who are tired of the same old candy flavors or blends might want to consider something a little more daring. For example, why not give caramelized bacon an opportunity. Bacon may not be the first thing you think about when looking for a piece of candy, but you would be surprised just how sweet bacon can be with the right ingredients. What you can do is cut the bacon into squares, and fry each square on all sides. Remove the grease, and then braise the bacon in maple syrup until fully caramelized. You can use toothpicks to make them into lollipops.


  1. Interesting Watches

The watch has been a part of society for some time. Mainstream styles have changed dramatically over the years, which is good for some but not for those who want unique looks. The thing about mainstream styles is they are so common, and they all look similar. There are a number of ways you can remedy this issue. For one, you can go vintage, and purchase something like a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch. Many vintage watches, especially pocket watches, were usually made by hand. This makes some of these watches pretty unique.

Colorful Phone Covers

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  1. Colorful Phone Covers

Smartphones are pretty common nowadays, and most phones look the same. It is easy to find phones in black or silver colors, but you really cannot find colors beyond those aside from a few exceptions. This is why it might be a good idea to consider interesting phone covers. These covers not only protect the phone from light scratches, but they can also prevent damage. What you have to remember about choosing covers with different colors is that they should also match your look. One interesting color that is often not used is bronze, but that is just one idea. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.


  1. Awesome Smokes

There was a time when menthol cigarettes were an exciting option, but that was pretty much the only option out there for a while. Some cigars were given a little flavor, but the taste was always subtle to the point that many did not even taste the difference. Things have changed a bit since then, and vape pens started coming out. These little devices use vape juices to help bring out a bold and strong new taste whenever you take a puff. Those who always want a rush of flavor when they smoke can now do so with some of the choices available with vaping, so go ahead and get bold.


  1. Fermented Bread

An interesting flavor that has long been forgotten is making its way back. Fermentation is relatively known, which is how wine or beers are made, but there is more to fermentation than what meets the eye. For example, most breads are no longer made using fermentation though they were once made this way. Most store-purchased breads now use dry active yeast instead of wild yeast. Wild yeast is what gives fermented bread that subtle sour taste. It also makes bread easier to digest and healthier. The same thing goes with other fermented options such as kombucha, which some could say was the original soda.


These are just some of the things that you can try. These are twists on familiar things that you might find enjoyable. Hopefully, some of these tickle your fancy enough for you to try them.