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How do Professionals Weave a Veneer Brick Wall?

Brick Veneer

Every person desires to build an elegant and beautiful looking house. A house of their dream!
A house represents the real impression of the people residing there. The styling, color options, décor and many more things play a crucial role in all these things.
Do you want to embellish your house? If your answer is yes, you need to hire the experts. After all, they are the professionals of this field who can turn your simple house to a stunning one. But are you wondering how can you make this possible?
Well, brick veneer is the most commonly used product for the decors. If you are thinking how veneers are weaved by the professionals to construct the wall, here are a few steps shared by the experts –
Prepare the Wall

With the help latest technologies, experts first make the wall smooth and clean. This is essential step to consider in order installing the brick veneer material appropriately.

Cut Bricks
Next step that professionals consider before installing the bricks is cutting the material in required shape. A wet brick is cut into small parts according to the desired shape and size.
Install Corner Bricks

Now, outlining of the wall is done by crafting the bricks in form of W shaped or pinwheels shaped. As brick veneer is light in weight, it is simple to deal with and easy to install. Once the required shape is made, the experts start with the installation from corner of the wall.
Install Full Rows

After installing the bricks on the corners, next, the craftsmen start installing the brick in a row. They start from the foundation of wall to running the complete row of veneer brick.
However, while installing the veneer brick they make sure to check the all levels of wall so that it provides an authentic look to the wall.
Set Bricks on the Underside of the Arch
Brick veneer is more solid than other materials. This is the reason why it is used for applying underside the corner of wall. This way a solid look is provided to the wall.

Thin brick veneers on a fireplace
Set a Few Bricks at the Very Top
Now bricks are placed in vertical order that starts from at the top of wall. This makes the wall solid and later the professionals start with the installation of bricks horizontally.
Finish the Side Walls
Once horizontally and vertically the installation of bricks veneer is completed, the next installation process that the professionals start with is from the bottom.

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