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Want to Install Stone Veneer at your Home? Here’s How You do it Exactly!

Have you been looking forward to enhancing the way your home looks? Do you want your home to look perfect, without doing much? Does your place need a breath of freshness right away? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, perhaps you need to install stone veneer in your home right now. Stone veneer installations is a great way to enhance the way any home looks. And, why not? Stone veneer looks so beautiful and attractive. Perhaps, this is the reason why everyone looks forward to installing it at home.

Stone veneer is a simple, versatile, and low maintenance ways to update the décor of your home. One of those simple tools that need little efforts to improve the way your home looks. And, almost everyone is aware of this method to spruce up the looks of the home.
Generally, all stone veneers are made up of same material. Even the installation process is absolutely same. All you need to know is the know-how and about the tools needed during the installation.
So, this is how you can install stone veneer at your home for beautifying the décor of your home right away!
1. Prepping and layering the base coat
The very first step is to prepare the base coat, which means you should get ready with a smooth surface for a proper installation of the stone veneer. Things that you should know before applying the stone veneer is that it can be applied to almost any surface. Be it concrete, brick, or any other surface, which is already installed at your home.

What if an exterior application is to be done?
Well, in that case, all you need to do is apply a moisture vapor barrier, if you are doing the exterior application. Generally, moisture vapor barriers come with a sealing membrane, which doesn’t allow the surface to peel off with time. Simply peel the outer layer to expose the sticky backside and stick it to the surface at your place.


  • The membrane being too sticky can stick to your hands. Be careful when you apply it to the surface, as it can stick to your hands too. Moreover, the membrane is quite hard to get rid of, so either wear gloves or be extra careful when smoothing up the surface for the installation of the stone veneer.


  •   On the other hand, if you are working on the interiors, there is no need to set a water vapor barrier. Only if your home has a wooden surface (plywood), then is the need to install the water vapor barrier for making sure that the surface lasts longer like all others. Plus, make sure it is real stone veneers, so that it gives the long lasting results, as it should give to the user.



2. Now comes, creating scratch coat with mortar
You can even create it yourself at home by adding three parts of washed sand with one part of the cement and water. Now, as you have mixed it properly, make sure that you have covered the complete surface of the lath with this mixture. Make sure that lath is not sticking out of the scratch coat.
Be consistent with whatever recipe you are following. It is better to hire a professional for this purpose, so that there is no chance of getting wrong, when preparing the surface.

3. Hurry Up, before the scratch coat dries!
No, you will not wait for that scratch coat to dry up. You will need to scrape horizontal grooves into the scratch coat before everything dries up. You can simply use a metal scrapper to scrap piece of the lath material. And, as you have followed all these steps, you are all set to install stone veneer at your home.

4. Follow the recipe of the scratch coat
Now, you are ready to install the stone veneer. And, for this, you need to mix the mortar in the same ratio and mix it to the consistency of the mashed potatoes. You can’t just leave it too dry or too wet, as it will not make the installation of the stone veneer so good.

5. Decide the layout of the stones
This step is all about deciding the layout of the stones. It means how you want them to appear on the wall. Should it be horizontal or vertical, should the stones be too big or too small. Yes, it will demand some extra time from you, but it is definitely important that how you want the stone veneers to look afterwards. After all, it is about your precious home, which can’t be decorated with anything, So, spend some time to decide, what layout will suit the theme and décor of the home.


6. Wash, Dry, and Apply
This step is all about getting the stones rid off the dust and applying it to their places. Take stones and wash them until they are super clean. Now, dry them, and finally apply it on the surface for finishing this step. As you place one stone, backbutter it with the mortar and then proceed to the next step for moving ahead properly.

7. Fill, Clean, and Seal
As you are almost done with this process, start filling the gaps with the grout bag. Now, clean the excess with the broom or any other brush, which you will not be using after this. Clean the excess stuffing and then seal the entire surface for making the stone veneers last longer like never before.

So, with these simple and easy-to-follow steps, there is no way your home will not look fascinating by installing those real stone veneers in the home.

If you too are looking for sprucing up the look of your home, certainly stone veneers is the best thing you can do and that too without much efforts.
Enjoy beautifying homes!

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