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Kitchen Remodelling-A Complete Guide

Your kitchen needs to be highly functional so that you are able to carry out multiple daily chores and and at the same time it needs to be attractive. You perform numerous activities in the kitchen such as cooking, cleaning, drinking, eating, etc. during a single day.

Irrespective of your kitchen décor, it has to be organised so that you can complete essential daily tasks. People tend to make several mistakes while designing their kitchen but fail to take into account practicality when coming up with an elegant design for their kitchen. Discussed below are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

Remember to fix a proper budget while planning for your kitchen redecortaion and try your best to stick to it. This will enable you to spend only what you can afford.

  • Kitchen Triangle:

Kitchen triangle comprises of the sink, stove and refrigerator. This is the most prominent triangle of your kitchen and requires keen attention and planning on your part. A planning that is free from all kinds of obstruction.

Of all the three components sink is the spot where you are likely to find most of the action. Besides, you should have easy access to your refrigerator and the sink. Apart from these, you need a smooth and clean kitchen countertop workstations for constant functioning.

Along with this, your sink requires proper plumbing and placement of pipes preferably near to the sink. A poor plumbing location is likely to fail and you will have to fix it again in the short run. Thus, it is better to consult a plumber who has sufficient knowledge about placement of sinks and plumbing.

Irrespective of the leg space available in your kitchen, ensure that you have a10-25 feet gap between your work triangle. If you have lesser space than this, people are likely to bump into each other thereby making it difficult for you to work in the kitchen.

  • Trendy:

There is no harm in being trendy so why not choose for a design that is ‘in’ right now. All trends don’t necessarily peter out and some end up becoming trendsetters. You can definitely make room for latest technology in your kitchen which makes your job quick and simple.

Make sure that you use designs and colours which blend well with each other in your kitchen. Also, consider your budget and then purchase equipments. Also, take into account weather conditions, foot traffic, etc. that your house normally has and then select a theme accordingly.

For instance, you can make use of floor screed in order to ensure strong base to your flooring which provides a durable floor to your kitchen. Such flooring has the potential to withstand heavy foot traffic and collision. Besides, it offers impeccable finish look which enhances your kitchen’s beauty. Investing in poor quality raw materials will be a bad decision because it won’t last for long duration and lead to further expenditure in the future.

  • Storage Space:

Every kitchen needs lot of space because you have to store numerous things in it. You may miss-out on some kitchen essentials but gradually will have to re-locate in it. Most of your kitchen space is likely to be taken over by appliances like juicer, food processor, etc. It is really tricky to find an apt place for these appliances and you may have to shift them once or twice before finalising one spot.

Look around and check out how much space you actually have in your kitchen. According to the space, you can either opt for in-built storage or a well-designed storage. It is normally observed that most of kitchens have wasted spaces which can be otherwise optimally used for storage. Therefore, it is better to plan in advance for it.

In case you realise that you have small kitchen space then opt for huge upper cabinets which offers you ample storage space. Make sure that you add sufficient light so that it gives away a natural look.

Do not waste spaces above refrigerator instead install cabinets at that spot. You can also install a shelf above the refrigerator and place occasionally used items/appliances at this spot.

  • Inadequate Counter Space:

Most households crib about inadequate counter space that they have in their kitchen décor. Taking into account the fact that most activities are carried out at this spot you require sufficient space over here. Also, you are likely to keep all the regularly used appliances on the countertop which consumes lot of the area.

A single horizontal surface is quite short and it is nearly impossible to stuff all the essentials in that much place. Instead an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen offers you more space to store things. You can also add an island or breakfast bar and you can comfortably have your morning breakfast at this spot.

  • Adequate Lighting:

Kitchen is the one room in your house where you cannot afford to have poor lighting. This is a place where you spend more time preparing meals or probably having them. Thus, you need a safe and sound atmosphere to carry out your activities.

Cooking food also involves the use of sharp knives and various other appliances so it is necessary that you have sufficient lights. Make it a point to give equal preference to lighting during the planning stage itself so that you do not face any problems later on.

Make note of the spots where it would be better to install lights. Sharp lights directly on your eyes may cause a head ache and are also not good for your eyes. Therefore, install them at a distant spot or mild lights are usually suggested for kitchens because sharp ones can have adverse impacts.

There are basically three types of lighting you can install in your kitchen, namely, general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. General lighting is often suitable for lighting the entire space. It is necessary to have lights at the right spot so that you can perform your tasks effortlessly while in the kitchen. The best place to add lights in the kitchen is above the main workspace.

A series of pendant or mini-pendant lights adds a dash of panache to your kitchen. They look best when installed above sinks, kitchen islands and breakfast bars. It is good to install lights under the cabinets so that you can easily find things quickly and finish your task.

  • Forgoing a Backsplash:

Most of the times when you plan a kitchen design, backsplash is one aspect that you might have forgotten. You may save money for this initially but they could have large scale implications in the near future.

The main reason for this is that dirt, steam, grease and water may settle in the kitchen. It is convenient to clean this with the help of backsplash. The most ideal spot to install this is above counters or cook top.

  • Ventilation:

When you prepare meals in the kitchen its probably safe to assume that you will use plenty of ingredients. Some of these ingredients might have a distinct smell/odour attached to them. For instance, garlic and onion give out a very strong smell which can spread all across the kitchen.

If someone walks into the kitchen when you are chopping up garlic they will have take in this lingering smell. If you have good ventilation then you will not have stale or stingy smell in your kitchen. Additionally, you will obtain fresh air to breathe in. You can install a good quality ventilation system which makes your life simpler and convenient.

  • Kitchen Island:

Choosing the wrong kitchen island can be one of the biggest flaws when you are designing your kitchen. Often, people relate Kitchen Island to serving space, preparation table or an extra space to store things. However, you can waste ample of space by selecting the wrong island..

If possible avoid clutter on the Kitchen Island and place minimum things on it so that you can quickly clean it at the end of the day. If you have a mid-sized kitchen then opt for a precise combination of ‘4 feet long and 2 feet deep’ kitchen island. This combination will give you sufficient storage space and also give you ample room to walk around.

Some experts suggest that if you do not have ‘12 feet long and 8 feet’ deep kitchen space then you should avoid having an Island. Mostly households prefer laminate or marble kitchen island as they can be cleaned gracefully and do not require long hours of efforts to maintain them.

Moreover, there are varieties of kitchen islands from which you can opt for the one that suits your preferences. Determining an ultimate layout is identical to learning a new language. After finalising a particular layout, identify its pros and cons so that you are sure that it is exactly what you want.

You can also modify your current kitchen island design along with the changes that you want in it. You can check out the following guidelines to make your cooking expedition is more interesting and entertaining.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen:

This layout is quite popular among households. L-shaped along with a Central Island is the ideal choice as it leads to a multipurpose kitchen. This layout is the best when you have ample space in your kitchen and you have the liberty to incorporate the best style.

  • I-Shaped Kitchen:

This is the simplest form of Kitchen and is suitable if you have a small kitchen. This style is also well-known as a single galley kitchen. You can save lot of place by opting for this type of design as it can give you ample of storage space.

Normally, small apartments tend to have an I-Shaped Kitchen as they provide sufficient space to prepare meals and store them. Some people also favour this style as it does not involve any complexities and saves you from burning a hole in your pocket.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen:

If you have frequent visitors such as family members or friends dropping by at your place then this style can be your saviour. If you are someone who possess brilliant culinary skills then you definitely will prefer a U-shaped kitchen.

The main reason for this is that you can quickly pick up all the essential things because they are within your reach. Sometimes, this style is referred as a C-shaped kitchen because the layout comprises of a peninsula.

It is often observed that refrigerator is placed at the end of the loop thereby maintaining the work triangle. However, it fails to follow the basic counter space norm.

  • Recycling:

Recycling has become one of the essential kitchen chores and it is important to clean off all the trash on a daily basis. If you leave your sink unclean overnight for a prolonged period then there are chances that insects will make your kitchen their abode. Make use of bins wherein you can easily recycle the waste.

  • Professionals:

There is no harm in asking suggestions from experts instead they can prevent you from taking the wrong decision. On the other hand, with their quality experience in the industry they can recommend an ideal solution for your kitchen. They will keep in mind your preferences and accordingly guide you on the best way out that fits perfectly within your budget.

The biggest benefit of seeking advice from professionals is that they understand your needs, taste and bring out an effective way out to execute it. Besides, they are well-updated with the latest design and technology trends based on which they offer a tailormade solution to you.

They have relevant information about the industry norms and thus, give you the right combination of décor which works for your lifestyle.

Apart from all these factors it is important to keep in mind that your living pattern, spending potential and preferences plays a key role in choosing a design style for your kitchen. You are likely to fall for artistic designs which are highly expensive. Try to keep away from being caught in this trap because you are liable to face consequences.

For example, if you have opted for an expensive luxurious décor for the walls but you have kids around who roam about with crayons all round the house. There is possibility that they may start colouring on your expensively designed walls one day giving you heart attacks along the way. Instead you can opt for a design that is more practical allowing you to easily clean your walls in the event such scenarios, so that you do not have to make additional expenses.

Lastly, planning and designing is an interesting and fun process therefore enjoy it. Check for various designs because there are chances that you come across something fascinating that is more suited to your choice and at the same time it fits within your budget.

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