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Ultimate Guide for Search Engine Optimization Fresher’s

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Its main focus is on increasing visibility of a website in organic way. Simply, you can say SEO is the way to popularize a brand. Let us get started to read what lies in the depth of SEO –

Types of Search Engine:

On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization

On page optimization: On page optimization is that you can cover all things with in the your website in these factors you can control in coding of the website. The factors that are covered in on page include:

Content Optimization: Content optimization is the way to increase the visibility in the search result pages in search engine. It is real time endeavor to offer unique information to visitors or users at search engine result pages.

Robots .txt:  is a text file in which webmaster give the instruction to search engine to crawl and index the website pages.

Google Analytic Code: Google analytic is a small piece of jave script code we use the code to track the traffic of the website from the different channels like organic direct referral and social. We place the code in head section of the website and before closing of the body.

Sitemap.xml is an essentional part in search engine optimization. It is basically used to crawl the pages of website in Google bot.There are two types of sitemaps, one sitemap.xml and another Sitemap.html. The sitemap.xml is used for search engines and Sitemap.html is used for user’s readability on the search engine result pages.

Meta Tag: This text you will see in the browser. Search engine display the title and description of your website page .In today scenario, title character limit is 60-65 and description limit is 165 characters.

Off Page Optimization: In today scenario every one want to show his business in top searches this one is happen  only with Off page activities which refers to rank the website in serp’s. this is an effective way to rank the website with natural way promotion  in search engine. There are various factors covered in.

Social Bookmarking Sites: Social Book Marking is an online powerful tool. It is a way to represent your service in the market and to your marketing strategy. In book marking sites, you can see recently added lists and popular links this way you can keep up with the latest information yourself.

Article Submission: It is one of the best off page SEO techniques where you write quality content related to your website services and promotes it on high domain authority website to gain traffic and organic search on your website in SERP’s. Google give priority to high-quality content.

PPT Submission: PPT is nothing PowerPoint Presentation is the great way to represent the idea of your business to other visitors. It is a good activity to retrieve traffic on your website.

Forum Marketing: Forum marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in internet marketing this way you can join the community and do the discussion on your business online.

Photo Sharing: It is one of the most effective tools to retrieve ranking and traffic on the website. Image sharing technique is most helpful in indexing links easily and quickly in search engine.

Video Sharing: Video creation is fastest growing factor in SEO. With the help of video creation and promotion approach more SEO perspective, ranking traffic and conversion brand impression and link popularity can be made.

Local Listing: Local listing is online profile that improves the visibility in the Search Engine Result pages. This way you can contact your customer face to face with your brand.


Business Reviews: With the help of online business review you can earn loyalty of your business. This way we can determine people point of view about the business.

Classified Ads: Classified ads can help in your business promotion and sale of production. Classified websites can help you increase your traffic and get more exposure to your blogs or websites.

Product Listing: Product Listing Standard helps ensure that products are accurately represented and easily discoverable across all sales channels. This way you can represent your product to the right customer.

Question/ Answer: The Q&A participation is the most effective way to reach people of our Niche.

Info graphic: Info graphic represent the clear and quick information. With the help of info graphic you can increase the visibility .It is one of the vast or effective techniques in digital marketing .you should engage the visitors by visually.

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