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SEO 2016: What You Really Need to Stay at the Top

Inconsistent guidance and a minefield of half-truths, this is how many of them still see SEO as. What most of them usually do is search for this term and trusts blindly those studies, tips and tricks, case studies, and whatever information they see. Still, with all the data they gather, why it is so hard to make the most of SEO. What’s stopping them to reach the top, even after they know the heads and tails about it?


So, after toiling for years and in-depth research we realized that all incomplete information has been published all over the web. Or, we can say that finding a complete set of information has become more like a ‘Puzzle Cube, where you have to gather the pieces and assemble it to get a complete box.
Also, SEO is a very unpredictable industry, where no one knows what changes will land into what results? The reason is too many changes taking place in the Google algorithm within a very short span of time. One cannot even expect the algorithm set to stay constant for months. So, this is what egg on the SEO experts to stay on their toes to stay ahead in the market.

So, here are some trends that every SEO specialist should look for to boost the search rankings relentlessly.

Longer the Content, Better it is!


Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE! Buck up writers, as now may have to poke your keyword twice you were doing before. That’s because the market craves for longer posts now. Yes, there was a time when they used to say that nobody has time to tire out their eyes reading long posts. But, now things have changed. This fresh content marketing strategy says you have to focus on writing bigger posts, as readers no more like skimming. All they now want is to read and get informative about certain topic. Due to this, SEO has to take care of the extent of the content now onwards.


BackLinks are not Dead Yet!


For those who believe that BackLinks are of no use anymore are mistaken. After we researched on social engine optimization techniques, the results were astounding. BackLinks were not dead yet. They are surviving and seem to be the no. one ranking signal that Google uses. But, it works only when it is allocated from a bunch of different domains.

So, in case you get 200 BackLinks from the same domain, it is not going to take you anywhere in the rankings. On the other hand, if it is done from a variety of domains, your business is all set to blast you to the top of the Google.Well, this is business, no matter how much time it consumes.


More Bounces, Lesser Rankings!


After an in depth study on how things go with bounce rate, we found out that the higher bounce rate tends to get the lower rankings in Google and vice versa.

And, why not, if people are bouncing out of your website like a trampoline, what Google is going to do is show up a clear message saying that people aren’t really reading your content. Gradually, your site will begin to downrank, thereby lowering your online presence.
So, how can you stick audience for longer to the website? Well, the answer is striking content that gives them no reason to leave the website.
Another way you can keep their eyes on your website is by breaking the content into small chunks. People can’t digest that prolonged article that doesn’t allow them to breathe at all. On the other hand, if you have broken the content into small paragraphs, chances are they will stick to the screen for longer, which simply will improve the bounce rate. After all, smaller chunks can easily be digested.
So, spend quality time in boosting the bounce rate, so that your website shows up at the top, when searched.


Mobile Optimization is Necessary!


With more and more people drawing towards mobile, what can be better than making everything available on their screen? Almost everyone is using Smartphones these days. And, as the usage of phones have increased, why not stay connected to them 24×7? Well, this is what mobile optimization allows you to do so. When you reach them with a helping hand, when no one else is, this is what makes them loyal towards your services and products. And, with such busy schedules, who would wait for powering on their laptops to reach out the information or any other products or services? Isn’t browsing over phones is easy comparatively? Of course, it is! And, this is what people do these days.

So, bring your social media marketing services into spotlight and let your valued customers stay connected to you all the time. How easy it is to inform them about your new deals and modified services, just by dropping a mail or message in their inbox? Think! Memorize, Intention is All

As earlier it was all about the clicks, today it is more about how people are interacting with your website. Even if they aren’t clicking the links, doesn’t matter, what matters is how well they are being interactive when on your website.
So, we can say that today it is more about the post-click activity. Now, not just getting the clicks is enough, but also satisfying the user intent is also a necessity.
So, if you have been focusing on how many clicks your website is getting, there needs to be a change in the trend. Shift the focus to ‘Interaction’ and everything you will see is going to be truly miraculous.
SEO is a whole world in itself. It can make or break your business. So, be sure to work on the trends and leave the rest of the tips and tricks behind.

Well, this is what SEO 2016 trends say about it!

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