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Smart Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to your House

Farmhouse Style to your House

There are some days you drive away from your house and when you’re back you kind of hope that at least someone would’ve replaced your present home with maybe a quaint farmhouse.
Something like pre-turn of the century, huge porch, batten board, roses, and picket fence-the entire nine yards, wouldn’t that be really amazing?

Obviously, you love your house but if you’re someone who also loves a farmhouse, then you would’ve wanted or wished to have one for yourself at some point. However, if you won’t probably live in a farmhouse forever, then you’re likely to do the next big thing- that is bringing the farmhouse to you!

Here are a few smart ways for you to add a farmhouse touch to your home:

Neutral Colour Palette

The key to attain a classic farmhouse look in your house is all about creating an environment of comfort and this begins with a warm, neutral colour palette. The base should always be made up of creams, whites, beiges or even light yet warm greys. Only then you should add depth by layering some natural wooden tones.
The flooring must also ideally be some type of wood, most preferably salvaged hardwood would do. Always feel free to make use of the colours that you’re fond of as accent pieces, such as throw pillows, window treatments, ottomans, etc. But, to stay true to the look you must try keeping the overall colour scheme neutral.
When it comes to accessories, go for reclaimed wood, mixed metals and organic materials like wicker, stone, sisal and rattan. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Whilst traditional country style is heavily based on accessories, a farmhouse style could keep them minimal.

Barn Doors

Nothing can portray farmhouse like a good old-world barn door. These have gained immense popularity over the past few years and are really amazing for numerous reasons.
One of them is barn doors can save tons of floor space and unlike other doors, it doesn’t open normally, instead it slides along the wall. Yet, there needs to be sufficient wall space so that you are able adjust it. But, these doors are a great alternative for small rooms wherein every inch of the floor space would count.
Whilst barn doors are often crafted from reclaimed wood, they’ve evolved quite considerably and most people are now making use of all types of materials. Nevertheless, if you want a true farmhouse look in your house, you ought to stick with the tried and true barn board and vintage look hardware.
Likewise, you can even make use of vintage doors that are mounted on sliders so as to create a similar look, but without using something that’s as large as conventional barn door.

Harvest Tables

If you wish to add a hint of farmhouse style without having to go all the way, then consider something that is simple yet impactful like a harvest table. These tables work wonders in all types of interiors, as they are practical and simple.
In fact, the actual definition of a harvest table is a simple table with 4 corner legs and skirting-it cannot get much simpler than this. In order to give a farmhouse vibe to something that’s made up of vintage or reclaimed wood, go for turned details in legs.
Despite the style of your room, you can place it in and you’ll for sure get a little taste of charming and classic farmhouse style.

Slip-covered Furniture

Whenever it comes down to furniture for farmhouse style rooms, nothing can beat huge, cosy chairs and sofas, ideally with casual white slipcovers. As a farmhouse style normally takes on a “no-fuss approach”, furniture, which is comforting and easy to wash, could be perfect.
Something that’s specifically great about slipovers is that it’s not only easy to remove and wash, but they can even be changed just like seasons and this in turn would give the room a completely new look.
Also, if you make your mind up to stick with white all year round, then you could perhaps dress it up and down along with throws and pillows of various textures and colours. Just bear in mind, the furniture must be inviting and must look as if it is too delicate to even touch.

Shiplap Accents

Farmhouse style has gained a lot of popularity, not only that, with it the trend of shiplap has also been brought back. Whilst this is used heavily in interiors, shiplap could also be used subtly in order to add a little dash of farmhouse vibe.
Although, by incorporating this style your room wouldn’t scream farmhouse, but it would definitely whisper it. It also gives a relaxed feel, which could otherwise seem to be a more traditional and formal room.
If you’re thinking of using shiplap, then you’ll be bombarded with numerous options. You can either wrap up the whole room with it, or maybe feature a wall or simply stick to a small accent. The more you have got the more intense the room would look.

Hide Technology

Nothing can bring a room into the ‘here and now’ like technology. So, if you wish to bring that nostalgic feeling back, which farmhouse style evokes then it’s better to consider hiding as much of your technology as you can.
Some of the ways include hiding routers and cords in attractive boxes with holes cut in the back or by simply placing large items such as stereos and television in cupboards and armoires along with doors, which could be closed.
Even small sliding barn doors used to cover wall mounted television can evoke farmhouse style in your house. The key is to hide any proof of technology, especially when it’s not being used.

Antique Furniture

A well placed piece of antique furniture, such as classic armoires and buffets could be the ideal finishing touch to a farmhouse style room. Also, feel free to use your creativity with how you make use of that furniture.
An antique armoire could be placed in your entryway for shoes and coats, in the kitchen to hold dishes or in your living room so as to hold electronics. Bear in mind that these antiques are right in a house with classic farmhouse interiors and are very delicate to touch.
So, ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the everyday usage. Whilst a delicate item here and there is okay, as general rule of thumb farmhouse style is all about substantial items, which can stand up to little wear and tear.
If you’re finding it difficult to get antique furniture, you could go for traditional designer radiators maybe something that could complete the look of your house. Not to mention, these radiators are one of the best way to add a design statement to your room.

Stone Mantel

Farmhouse style is popular and in trend, which is why the lines between it and other similar styles aren’t that clear. There are several elements of French country, shabby chic, English country, cottage style and many more.
Whilst this mantel comes from several interior designers, the elements have some qualities that are consistent with the farmhouse style. So, when it comes to it everything is about how you utilise those elements so as to create the look you want.

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