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Top 4 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Property

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Do you want to increase the market value of your commercial property, or at least keep it up to standard? Are you planning to rent out your property or sell it at a profit? Is your property now starting to deteriorate or has it already suffered weather-related damage?

If you answered yes to all the questions, then you definitely need to hire professional property maintenance services. Whether you have a residential rental building, a restaurant, a grocery store with a large parking lot, or a recreational boot camp venue, you need to perform regular maintenance to keep the space functioning well.

Your own employees may not have the know-how and the time to do the large-scale maintenance while performing their main roles at the same time. For instance, if you are running a restaurant, how can you expect your cooks and waiters to also fix the plumbing problems in the kitchen? As such, it’s best to get companies with plenty of industry experience to help you in this regard.

Here are some of the professionals’ tips for properly maintaining your commercial property.

1. Perform an annual comprehensive assessment

You cannot implement the necessary maintenance if you are unaware of the problems that need to be addressed. A comprehensive assessment should include the following steps:

• Check the structural integrity of the building – This is very important, especially if your area has high risks for earthquakes. You may consult a building engineer to see if your commercial building needs to be renovated. Even a simple ocular inspection could reveal some dangers like cracks and corrosions.

• Examine the electrical system – Building fires are usually caused by faulty electrical wirings. You may need to consult an electrician to do the check-up. Check for burned-out lights. You must ensure that all wirings are properly connected and insulated.

• Test the plumbing system – Are some pipes leaking or making weird noises? Is there discoloration in the water? Is the water pressure not sufficient? You need to consult a plumber for these.

• Determine the efficiency of the HVAC system – The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of your building is crucial for comfort. However, it could be very costly if it is no longer very efficient.

• Assess the pavements and vegetation – Look around the parking lot and the pavements surrounding your building. See if there are cracks and weed growths. Determine if some areas have soil erosion.

• Evaluate the gutters, septic tank or the sewage drainage pipe system – See if there are seepages or clogs in the system that need to be removed.

2. Conduct general clean-ups at least once a year

You need to clean your premises from the roof down to the pavement and basements, especially during autumn. Leaves may accumulate, rot and clog the drainage system. They may also damage the roof.

It’s best to get general cleaning done to remove all the accumulated clutter, including old equipment and furniture.

Start the clean-up from the interior then proceed to the exterior. Remove weeds and other vegetation that are blocking the pathways. Cut the tree branches that might pose threats to power lines, windows and roofs.

3. Repaint the building and other structures

You should repaint your commercial building and other structures within your premises, like the water tank, at least once every two years. This is crucial not only for aesthetic purposes, but also mainly for the protection of the building.

Weathering, corrosion, termite infestation, and water damage can be prevented if you apply proper protective paints both for the interior and exterior of your building. Wood structures are particularly vulnerable.

4. Make necessary repairs or replacements

Based on the assessments, you can determine which parts of your commercial property need to be repaired or replaced. Some parts may still be fixed with just minor patch-ups, such as the roof tiles, but other areas may need to be renovated.

Prioritize immediately repairing the utilities, like the electrical system and the plumbing system. Also pay attention to the potholes and cracks on the exterior pavements because these may lead to worse problems like soil erosion and weakening of the building foundation.

Take proactive action

Properly maintaining your commercial property is a long-term investment that will ensure good returns. It is not only a matter of keeping your business operating smoothly and safely; it is also about keeping the market value of your property competitive.

Property maintenance is a proactive action that will help you minimize the risks of incurring liabilities and will also help you maximize your profits.


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