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Top home security innovations in 2017

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Innovations from all around the world are leaving a significant impact on our lives. We are living in the era of current technology where revolutions are part of our daily routine. Our lives are flooded by the everyday inventions like security, technology, and lifestyle or gaming, etc. It’s difficult to keep yourself away from these updates. If we take a look from a security point of view, then you can see that security industries are excelling just because of latest revolutions because somehow these inventions are the only way to engage customers with their brand. Take yourselves out of smart phone innovations and spend some time to learn how you can improve home security through latest advancements? In this article, I am going to share with you all some of the kind of exciting home security innovations of 2017.

Home Robot

You might be seeing everywhere robots are replacing human beings in all departments and how it will stay away from where security is the crucial aspect. Latest inventions are the great blessing for home security, and home security robot is one of that. The robot is having a Surveillance camera and face recognition features to improve safety through each aspect. IOS and android apps, 3-4 Hours of battery life with a microphone to recognize voice commands are some of the other exciting features of this robot. Laser technology is having the capability of inspecting each object intensely. It can be figured out as a valuable replacement of traditional CCTV installation and other monitoring techniques in future.

Fluorescent bulb

You must be thinking how bulb can be one of the smartest security innovations? Let me add one thing here, a unique type of bulb is added to the technology crowd. The light bulb has embedded camera with microphone facility, and it can easily connect to WIFI. The purpose of such smartest innovation is to minimize the intruder activity because no one can’t imagine the dual functionality of this addition ever. Camera footages would help to recognize the intruder.

Drone System

Drone systems for home security purpose is a new addition. It was perceived that the reason behind this innovation was to provide security at national level. Latest drone system for home security is all set to serve you through its great functionalities in which you just have to install this at the central point of your home where entry and exit area are visible. The integrated motion sensor in drone system will sense the motion and drone will send over the footage on your smartphone. It seems to be something fascinating in the security advancements.

Outdoor flood light camera

Among all the exciting innovations, this one I found the most attention-grabbing safety device. Outdoor flood light camera sounds something interesting, isn’t it? Well, Security cameras are a loop in the floodlight. This motion sensitive device would sense the motion of each object and will pop up your inbox through notifications. You can see live footage through the dedicated app. If you see any on-going burglar activity, then you can scare the intruder through an alert.

IOT Router

Nowadays each household object is connected to the Wi-Fi. This router would help to minimize the risk of malfunctioning of your home security network. The device will send each data packet over the Wi-Fi, and you will get to know the actual reason of malware. The router has noticing features like 1.7 GHz processor with 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands generating a maximum throughput of 25,00 Mbps.

These are some noticeable innovations regarding home security. This is a right time to take out yourself from traditional security measures which are Burglar Alarms, CCTV cameras, access control in Essex or nearby areas where these are being widely used. Security industries are giving their best to improve the safety measures not to boost their businesses, but also for the protection of their valuable client’s properties. These devices are designed to give a zero-impression to the intruder. He won’t be able to judge these interesting gadgets quickly.

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