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What Are Some of the Best Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions?

joomla shopping cart

Joomla is the best CMS platform out there after WordPress. Users prefer the platform for its extensions as well. Shopping cart extensions are a revolutionary approach that provides you with an online shopping store plus the ability to start making income.

Now when it comes to a perfect Joomla shopping cart extension, then there are many options available. Today, we are going to have all these options in front of you and discuss different aspects about each of them.

joomla shopping cart
joomla shopping cart

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J2Store is one of the well-known Joomla extensions if you want your online store instantly. Its flexible options plus ease of functioning makes it recognized as the ultimate shopping cart extension. This allows the task to perform in just a single click. The cart comes in both versions free and premium, and if you are new or beginner to shopping platform, the free version is ideal for you. One can add unlimited products and get zoom on every image you add.


Another shopping cart that you can install without thinking twice is JooCommerce. The extension gets equal consideration from users as J2Store. The unique and most helpful features make it a platform that experts recommend. For the usability, it is straightforward to understand and use that even a novice can begin with. You can easily integrate the platform with PayPal and receive regular customer support if any circumstances happen.

Joomla Cart
Joomla Cart


The next Joomla shopping car extension is MyMuse that keeps it excited to every user. Here, you can sell just any product whether it is virtual or physical. From mp3s to t-shirts, everything can be uploaded and sold. Here you can easily create categories such as music, videos, or others. Create menus, set your rates plus shipping rates and start taking orders.


EShop is known for its easy to use ability that makes even a beginner use it like a pro. Additionally, their active customer support takes you out of every mess, and this is how you can troubleshoot any issue you face. Various features that let you edit the online store deeply make the shopping cart extension worth experiencing. If designed wisely one can use the extension to its full capability and take advantage of an attractive and revolutionary platform. Here you can set more than 20 payment gateways while creating menus and categories. Users can wishlist their choices easily, and there is much more to access.


The extension is pretty popular as an online shopping cart extension. Like other extensions, this one too offers a set of tools for your online shop. The primary feature is the dashboard that lets you add up all the features easily and make them accessible in just a blink. Here you can set custom sections for address, set various payment plugins, customize the entire interface as per your choice, and much more to attract more and more users.

The Verdict

By installing Joomla shopping cart extension, you can set up your online shop with ease. There are many options for the extensions and to find the best one you can experience all of them and choose the one that fulfills your needs.

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